SPVC focuses on healthy business

From sourcing, formulation, production and distribution, SPVC is a business expansion specialist that can help you focus on what needs to be done, while we take care of your toll manufacturing needs. We aim to simplify the process of creating a newer brand of treats based from your concept—sustainable and profitable growth.

American chef, and TV personality Julia Child said it best: “People who love to eat are always the best people.” But, how can we be our best selves when there are so many threats to food safety?

SPVC is a venture devoted to providing healthier alternative to artificial sweeteners.

A healthier alternative

A member of the management talked about the challenges of having diabetes, a chronic ailment that can be a precursor to other conditions such as stroke, kidney failure, eye complications and even amputation. Diabetes is a disease that ruins the happy and satisfying life of a family if not handled well.

SPVC manufactures sweeteners that are healthier as well as low-calorie beverages.

Vegan diet staple

In connection with its efforts to achieve a globally-compliant set of procedures in producing good food, SPVC is processing its application for various certifications. Being a halal-certified facility is one.

Aside from the collection of consumer goods namely healthy sugar alternatives, and low-calorie beverages, SPVC also exhibits flexibility in terms of ingredients used in its toll manufacturing capabilities.

SPVC allows the use of ingredients specifically sourced by the client, enabling clients to fully take advantage of value chain management.