Sterling Pacific Ventures Corp. (SPVC) is a Business Expansion Specialist

Our core strength is anchored on our commitment to the idea of toll manufacturing, having ice cream as our core product.
We aim to help you expand the entrepreneurial venture while helping manage business risks.

Our Company

Sterling Pacific Ventures Corporation (SPVC) started as a provider of alternative sweeteners and low-calorie beverage products, SPVC has evolved into a contract manufacturing company specializing in ice cream products and other food and beverage items. SPVC aims to create a powerful and efficient platform for its customers to focus on their core competencies while SPVC manages the value chain offering end-to-end business solutions

Our Vision

As the first business development services company for ice cream manufacturing, we help our customers build their brands by offering innovative solutions, business strategies and manufacturing high quality customized ice cream for their needs.

We aim to become the largest business expansion specialist committed to provide sustainable growth and hope to be the preferred custom-manufacturer dedicated to providing products and services of trusted quality both locally and internationally.

Our Mission

SPVC’s foundation is built on values that guide our actions and adhere to our vision. We are focused on providing customers with the best value-engineered business development strategy offering end-to-end solutions from sourcing and supplying reliable ingredients to custom manufacturing, which helps establish business partnerships, provides mutual sustainability and leads to innovations that provide cost-effective solutions.

It aims to be distinguished among the competitors by providing high standard customer service and quality; consistent, sustainable and dependable value-added services as the leading importer and distributor of raw materials and healthy products.


Choose from our collection of healthy sweetener and low-calorie beverage products made from quality raw materials.

Our Secret Formula

We understand diversity in business operations, which is why we adopt a versatility mantra in everything we do. Customers first above all else.


We create long-term strategies, embrace opportunities and manage risks from economic, environmental and social developments.


We foster a culture of collaborative work, inclusivity, continuous growth and innovation that translates into remarkable outputs.


We promote our brands and our business through cutting-edge solutions and ensure quality through a well-defined set of procedures.


We understand diversity in business operations, reason why we adopt a versatility mantra in everything that we do. Customers first above all else.